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White Cufflinks

White is the colour of purity, cleanliness and innocence.

Like black, white goes well with almost any colour, and as such makes it highly popular in both clothing and fashion accessories.

Because of its association with cleanliness and purity, white is the traditional dress for men in a highly-formal social function ("white tie and tails"). Similarly, its association with innocence is the reason for brides wearing white on their wedding day, in many countries around the world.

Some countries view white as being the colour of royalty, or of deities. Angels, for example, are typically depicted as wearing white robes.

It is the colour of virtue and good, which is why in many Western representations of good and bad the good will wear white, while the bad will wear black.

Put some white in your life when you want:

- to clear clutter and obstacles away
- to start a fresh beginning
- to bring about mental clarity

White can make dark or light reds, blues, and greens look brighter and more prominent. Most importantly, it is extremely eye-catching when contrasted against darker colours, which is why our collection of white cufflinks could be a useful accessory to have in your fashion arsenal.