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Gray Cufflinks

The colour gray is seen commonly in both nature and fashion.

It carries much of the strength and mystery of black, but without the negative attributes associated with that colour. This is why most business suits are gray, giving off an air of power and formality.

Gray is a neutral, balanced color that is both cool and conservative. It seldom evokes strong emotion when seen by the human eye, although it can be seen as being a somewhat cloudy or moody colour (mostly because it matches the colour of storm clouds).

However, gray is often perceived as having a certain strength attributed to it. Gray is often linked to brains and intellect, because of its association to gray matter (cells in the brain that help with sensory perception such as memory, emotion and movement). It is also linked with the concept of "gray power", the wisdom and experience associated with the elderly.

Since gray goes wonderfully with blue and white, purchasing a set of our gray cufflinks is certainly a great investment.