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Easter Cufflinks

Easter is unquestionably the most important day in the Christian calendar. It is the day on which Jesus was resurrected from the dead, and as such it is regarded as an extremely holy and happy time of the year. Adding to the joy of the day is the tradition of hunting for Easter eggs. The eggs, a symbol of rebirth, are decorated in elaborate colours and are usually filled with chocolate or jelly beans. This selection of cufflinks is perfect for use on this most holy of days. Perfect to be worn to church, or to simply to add to the festivities, each set of cufflinks in this section is beautifully designed with an ornate, colourful pattern, so as to correspond to the colourful patterns painted on Easter eggs. With these unique cufflinks you won’t need to hunt for a hidden egg in order to be richly rewarded and reminded of why the day is so meaningful.