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Silver Cufflinks

Silver, especially shiny or metallic silver, is cool like grey but livelier and more playful.

Silver often symbolises wealth, just as gold does, and the colour possesses glamorous and distinguished characteristics. Just as grey suits are worn to convey a sense of power, the same is true of silver, particularly in the corporate world.

As such, it is often associated with high quality or "good standards", for example a "silver-tongued" speaker is considered to be quite eloquent.

It can be earthy and natural, or sleek and elegant.

Silver is not as expensive as gold, though it is still valuable, and as such it is very popular with jewelers. The colour has also become highly fashionable, and is used frequently in more artistic jewellery pieces.

Silver works to make any smart outfit stand out even more, but it is particularly effective when used with blacks or medium blues.

Our range of silver cufflinks are of the highest quality and come extremely recommended!