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Gold Cufflinks

Gold is by far the most sought-after metal when it comes to any form of jewellery. This stems from the fact that it is extremely precious and not easily obtained. As such the colour is associated with wealth and prosperity.

People who favour gold are generally optimistic, and the colour often goes hand in hand with good health, happiness and success.

The story of the Greek King Midas – who was granted his wish to turn anything he touched into gold, before ultimately realising his folly when he turns his own daughter into a golden statue – serves to illustrate the human desire to possess and admire gold, even to their detriment.

Because of its resemblance to the rays of the sun, it is often linked with divinity and certain gods relating to the sun, by many ancient cultures and religions.

Wearing gold items in moderation will not only work to impress the people around you, but more importantly will make you feel good about yourself.

Nothing says "winner" like a set of gold cufflinks.