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Cufflinks By Material

True cufflink connoisseurs know that the design, shape and colour of the cufflink are only a part of what marks a cufflink’s true quality. One of the earliest references to what we now recognise as modern cufflinks was made in the London Gazette of 1684, which referred to a pair of cuff buttons set with diamonds. The same journal in 1686 also described a pair of gold-enameled cuff buttons. What this shows us is that the material from which the cufflinks are made play a massive role in not only determining their quality and worth, but in understanding how effective they will be in making the wearer look good. Luckily, these days it doesn’t require diamonds and gold in order for your cufflinks to look impressive. Cufflinks now come in a variety of materials, ranging in quality and value. These could include carbon fiber, crystal, enamel, glass, mother of pearl, onyx, stainless steel, and sterling silver. At Canada Cufflinks we have cufflinks available in every material, so feel free to browse through our easily-labeled selection to find that perfect pair.