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Black Cufflinks

Have you ever heard somebody remark that something "is the new black"?

What this means is that a particular colour, style, or trend is now in fashion, because black is always in fashion.

Black is all too often associated with negative aspects of life – death, mourning, uncertainty, and darkness. The reason for this lies in the very absence of "light" within the colour. However, the Masai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania associate the colour with rain clouds, which are a symbol of life and prosperity. Similarly, certain medieval Christian sects viewed black as being the colour of perfection, which matches the view of the Japanese, who associate the colour with honor, their most cherished virtue. Black is also a colour that symbolizes secrecy, ambiguity and the unknown (for example, the "black ops" division of a military program).

Perhaps it is precisely because of the many associations laid on the colour – both negative and positive – that Western culture considers the colour to be stylish, elegant, sexy and powerful.

It’s no wonder, then, that our selection of black cufflinks will go with nearly any item of clothing and will always be both stylish and fashionable.